God is trustworthy!

My daughter regrets not getting my reaction on video….mostly because it’s rare when I’m shocked to speechlessness.  So many emotions flooded me last night that it took at least 30 minutes to go from stunned to crying with joy.

The beginning of high school rocked my daughter’s world.  It began with a confluence of other events that were out of her control yet affected her deeply among them her brother leaving for college, a number of confusing rejections and adults who were overly harsh.  Had those been spread out over time, she would have handled them with aplomb, but these were a tsunami and the after effects lingered for months.  Other sadnesses came and we wondered what God was doing.  Flabbergasted, my husband and I knew that our only options were to pray.

As time went on and things were only nominally better, we made attempts to get our village to help but it fell on deaf ears.  Other opportunities came, other people arrived, the healing began in a trickle.  Another year passed.  Though there were vestiges of the scar slowly healing, we started thinking of ways to make things even better in the two years she has left in high school.  One of those ways, in our minds, was for her to join choir again.  She refused.  We waited, asked again, cajoled, rationalized, appealed to her artistic senses and all were met with the same refusal.

So, I hatched a plan (with the blessing of my husband):  I would meet with the  choir director and ask him to go hear her at her musical.  Then, tell me if she would qualify to be in the choir and then help me convince her that this was the place for her!  Looking at the end, I was convinced this uncharacteristic manipulation was worth it.  She’s young!  She doesn’t always know what’s good for her!  She’ll thank me later!

On the morning of the day I was going to email the director with my plea, something came up.  And another thing and another thing.  For two weeks, God re-directed me.  Then, she casually mentioned that the auditions are past, the choir is set.  Okay….plan B.  Work on scheduling options….all met with sticky issues and lack of support.    Okay….go to (what should have been) plan A: pray.  Show us what you want, Lord.  You love her; do what’s best for her.  Life gets busier, I put the topic on the back burner.  I know His will is going to move forward.

Last night arrives and after company leaves and we’re headed for bed, “Oh yeah, I was asked to be in concert choir today and I said yes.”  WHAT?!?!  “Yeah, Mr. Director went to my musical, heard me, and someone had dropped out of choir so there was an opening.  He asked me.”


Okay, a kid is in choir.  Big deal.  Here’s why it is:  This was done in HIS timing, not mine.  We asked Him and He opened the exact way “we” dreamed up but orchestrated all the moving parts without our interference.  It affirmed His great love for all of us and His gentle reminder that He doesn’t need our ‘help’ to do anything.  This kid so desperately needed affirmation at school and we had thought it wouldn’t ever come.  Then, this lovely man tracks her down and offers the best compliment a singer can get.

And what does Mom learn?  I don’t have to manipulate anything.  Watch and wait is my only order.  If I’m praying and trusting – two specific commands from my Lord – then I get to also have the joy of laughing when the result is beautiful.  “Mom, why are you crying?”  Because He loves us SO MUCH!!!  He hears us; He cares; He redeems!    This really isn’t about a dear girl who sings but a God who loves and drops a bundle of joy in our laps.   All I was left to do was hug my daughter and praise His name.