The silver lining of a crisis

No one likes to get a phone call that someone they love is hurt or sick or somehow is in sharp need but on Saturday, that’s what happened.  Son One, living more than 2500 miles away was in the ER and darn if those miles didn’t feel even longer than usual.  He was one sick kid, but thankfully, he is doing well and on the road to recovery. Additionally, not long ago an email landed in my inbox about the threat of demise of an organization I’ve come to love.  The heart sinks when we get news like this.  However, I’m not one to freak out, but instead I’ve learned to watch.  It didn’t take long and I wasn’t disappointed.

Every crisis has a silver lining and it’s been wonderful to point to it this week.  When Son One was out of it and waiting for the first responders, a kind woman dropped what she was doing to come and sit with him.  His grandpa followed the ambulance and was a calming, loving presence in the hospital and his watchful companion the rest of the day.  Six hours away his future mother-in-law prayed.  His aunt picked up his prescription, bought soup and juice and she and his uncle were kind and solicitous in every way.  Others checked in on him, one even bringing him a meal.

The weakened organization just needed to wave the flag of distress and creative, energetic and industrious people came out of the woodwork.  Meetings were set, minds were melded…new energy was infused.  It was said, “I’m sorry it took a crisis….” and so am I, but isn’t this silver lining lovely? It took this crisis for others to ask, “How can I be used?” Now we feel hope and are genuinely anticipating the future and all it holds.

Both situations have shown how crises aren’t all bad.  Yes, it’s sad that it takes a crisis to rally people, but it also shows how good people really are.  They want to help, pitch in, pray…anything to bless others.  Sometimes we don’t ask early enough but when we have no other choice, we see the very best in them.  This is when we see people and situations with fresh eyes.  My son noted that the first responders were clearly trained to calm – which is exactly what is needed at times like those.  I think we all could benefit from that.  Keeping calm, and looking for opportunities to use our skills in whatever way we can.  Then later we can thank God for those silver linings which most assuredly are there.


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