Our God box

fall 2013

This is our humble little God box.  We began it years ago after we realized how tangibly God was meeting our felt needs.  Desiring to keep a record of them, I spent time after Christmas each year, writing down all the ways in which God had shown His nearness to our family.  Thankfully, the year we began, one of our elementary school sons brought home the sweet, smaller box re-purposed from a used Christmas card. It sure was cute but I had no idea how to use the thing.  Until an idea came.  How proud my little boy was when his box held our first listing of God’s faithfulness to our family.

When they were small, it was so precious to see the kids’ illegible scribblings as they write down their requests or thanks to God, usually with a “prvet” on the front.  So adorable.  Sometimes they asked big questions about heaven or why someone died.  This past Christmas we each wrote a thanks and a request.  I peeked at one and saw that the Lord waited only 4 weeks to provide for the expressed need.

I must admit, we have sometime forgotten that the box exists, so accustomed to seeing it in its corner.  But tonight, over dinner, we’ll open it and distribute paper.  We do this because it’s so automatic to ask in our daily prayers.  What’s not automatic is noting His answer and acknowledging His follow-through.  It seems we need to write them down and hold them in a special place in order to have a place in which we can remind ourselves that He is indeed listening – and answering- all the time.

So, we will write down our needs because right now, collectively, the Likkel family has a big need.  At least, from our point of view we do.  So God, we need you.  We’ll wait on you to provide.  It might not be what we expect or hope for, but either way, we know You’re listening and Your storehouse of goodness overflows.  And someday, maybe years from now, we’ll open up our God box and marvel at how you came through for us once again.


3 thoughts on “Our God box

  1. And it’s so fun to see what we wrote years ago….of course it’s more fun for a 17 year old to see what he wrote as a 6 year old. Yes, I’m thankful for this box and what it means to our family.

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