Wisdom from friends

I have been blessed with some really wonderful friends and so many of them offer such compelling nuggets that I need to share!  Like most women in my demographic, I’m a busy lady.  I’m not complaining – I thrive on it; in fact, something in my DNA demands that I be busy.  Every once in awhile I embrace some down time, but that’s typically not my style.  Thankfully, I think I understand balance pretty well and do a pretty good job of meeting the needs of people around me while feeding my busy-center.  So I get a little sad when some people say they’re too busy to bless other people.

Now it’s true that maybe their plate is legitimately too full, but recently I learned of someone who was aware of a need of a group to which they belong and they were passing on it – a full two weeks in advance.  My  heart sank a little.  Really?  You’re aware of the need, we’re asking and you’re…..passing?  ‘Cuz you don’t feel like it?  Enter my friend’s wisdom: “When busy people give their time to love another, God blesses that and gives us more time.”

Enter another friend who picked up where the first one left off.  She is someone who sacrifices her time more than anyone else I know.  People laud her for it and she deserves it but as humble folks are wont to do, she deflects it.  “It’s hard!”  she tells me.  “It’s about sacrifice and prioritizing.  I decided that this is what God wanted me to do and He allows me to but I’m not saying it’s easy…. When we believe that people are important, we choose different things.”  In other words, being in relationship with people will sometimes be inconvenient or draining.  It can also be life-giving and nurturing to you because give as you will, you’ll also receive.

Both of these women insist: it doesn’t just happen.  We have to be intentional about this.  Sure we’re going to need some time to tend to ourselves, but we who have so much to give, let’s give! We waste so much time!   I’m not convinced that’s God-honoring.  I understand introverts need more recharging time than the extroverts out there but when our hearts are open, God will enable each of us with our personality bents, to make a difference.  After listening to these friends, I’m revitalized and encourage you: make some space for the Spirit moving in you, prompting you to use what you have to bless someone else.  Even if it’s just time.


3 thoughts on “Wisdom from friends

  1. Lovely post. We really do waste a lot of time, and it’s necessary to have down time once in awhile. But if we all took some time to help the people in our little sphere of influence, the results would be amazing..

  2. This is so true. Having the discipline and even being open to prioritizing your time with others in mind is hard but is actually rewarding. When you tithe faithfully, even against all common sense and with no apparent disoposable income, your money multiplies. Same with time, I think.

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