My fourth child

By now you all know I have three children.  I’m head-over-heels in love with them, each adding to my life more than I could have ever expected.  For Christmas a  few years ago, I received this lovely necklace with a charm representing each of them.  However, you’ll notice there’s a fourth charm there.  That’s for my fourth child.

blogThat charm represents all of the students who I have loved fervently over the years and in many cases, get to love them long after they’ve left my classroom.  They’ve each taught me something I needed to learn; they’ve added immense joy to my days; they’ve made me laugh; they’ve made me think about them before falling asleep, puzzle over them when I wake up.  I’ve prayed for, written to, recommended them and overall, invested my life into them….with deep gratitude for the privilege.

Most recently, I’ve learned these lessons from my wonderful students:

  • we are ALL God’s people – not just those who look like we do
  • when you don’t think you’ll like something, at least say, “I’m willing to try it.”
  • when you hear someone mention something they’re interested, in ask them more about it.
  • invite someone when you’re involved in something fun
  • be friendly to and interested in all people!
  • work hard for what you want
  • believe you can do more than even those closest to you say you can
  • accept yourself, joyfully proclaiming This is who I am!
  • tell someone when they’ve inspired you
  • give your gift to someone

I could go on and on.  The coolest thing is that this list is inspired by KIDS!  Those teenagers that too many adults cringe at.   Each point had a student behind it that makes me think, ‘wow, I GET to be your teacher.’  Not only are these kids great, but their parents are too.  My last post revealed a mom who has sketchy mom-credentials.  But all of these kids (and the hundreds more I could site) are being parented with wisdom and love.  So I proudly wear a charm that represents them, any one of whom I’d be proud to say is my kid.


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