The folly of a plan B

Recently, my daughter plowed ahead with something she’d planned even though we advised her against it because of a number of factors she didn’t want to consider. The goal was to host a number of kids for an evening at church so that parents could go out.  Her previous evening was a big success but on Memorial Day weekend, we thought the crowd might be kind of slim.

Sure enough, the opening minutes clicked by and those surrounding her realized we needed to have a plan B.  So, we suggested one and reality demanded we implemented it.  What a major buzz-kill for her to have to alter her plans! The crew of girls had set up multiple games and worked on getting the sound and video up and running.  Sigh.  Instead they played, danced, ran around and shed the responsible-girl persona they were more than willing to be that night for a more free, wild little girl persona.  Way more fun!

Soon we were piled into vehicles on our way to fro-yo utopia.  We belted out One Direction songs and all of us, even the driver (who will remain nameless), knew all the words.  On the drive down, my daughter rode with girls who had not known each other previously but found they had lots in common.  The chatter was vigorous and constant.  As we debriefed later, I commented that maybe we didn’t choose a plan B but rather God showed us His plan A for the night.

We’re all living God’s plan A for our lives. Sometimes we might be tempted to freak out, pout, complain, whatever, when things don’t go as we planned.  Especially for us who are planners, this is tough, but there’s another way.  My sons used to watch a sit com where the main actor would press on his chest and say, “I got this!” when anyone showed concern that something wouldn’t get done.  For months, whenever I’d ask them to do anything, they’d do the same and say “I got this!”  Sometimes they did; sometimes they didn’t.

God always does.  When we experience something other we planned, we might be tempted to think that our lives have been derailed (guilty) and we have to find and follow another path.  I don’t believe that anymore.  Though we experience heartache, pain, injustice and the downright confusing choices of others, it’s all plan A.  I’m moving in the direction of asking God sooner to make me sensitive to His goals for me in those re-directions.  It’s much easier to find peace with His plans as they enfold. After all, He’s “got this!”  A good bowl of fro-yo doesn’t hurt, either.


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