Blessed to suffer

Did she mean to title this ‘Blessed to suffer’?   Yes, that’s what I meant to write.  Very few people, in the midst of their season of suffering, exclaim, “This is great!  Bring it on, Lord!”  Even though everyone suffers at some point in their lives,  most people aren’t going to say they’re blessed to do so.  Before you’re tempted to think I’ve achieved a level of spiritual mastery, think again.  When I’ve suffered, I’ve done my share of bucking and snorting.  But I’m okay with it as long as I have perspective on the other side.

Yesterday, I was on my way to a summer job interview and an eagle flew right towards me.  Noted, Lord.  If you’ve read my eagle story from previous posts, you understand.  Also, I feel my heart lifted from a burden I carried for too long.  When I try to attribute it to the myriad ways I attempted to alleviate the suffering, I can only give the credit to God, who, in His mercy, “showed His wonderful love to me when I was in a besieged city”, my own heart and mind.

Truthfully, it’s hard for me to write about these things.  I’m working on my transparency, but I’m finding that when we go through our ‘stuff’, the process of dealing with it and then the testimony we have afterwards is most likely what God has in mind for us.  So I’m trying to embrace it more and would love to dialogue about it with any of you.

As a friend said once, “Life is messy.”  That’s right!  And so are our hearts and minds, but God is nonplussed.  When I feel shocked or ashamed or helpless, all I have to do is cry out.  Then, He does all the heavy-lifting, bringing in the cavalry of blessing, strength and peace.


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