How to find a book you’ll love

“How do you find so many good books”? Asked many times,  I’ve always naturally found great books and took it for granted.  I do my thing and poof, a stack of great books are at my bedside tempting me to new worlds.  Happily, I share these tips with you.  Follow these steps and you’re sure to find a page-turner:

First, be a reader of magazines and newspapers.  They love to recommend books and want you to read!  I regularly glean great titles from these.  However, other people see these titles too and they’ll be ahead of you at the library.  Instead, have a notebook where you write down titles and as my son says, “Tease it.”  A year or so later, when I write down something else, there it is.  It’s available at the library and all’s right with the world.

Second, go to an independent bookseller.  These gems in your towns are worth your while.  The good folks here are true bibliophiles.  Typically they’ll reserve their endcaps to display staff favorites.  If a shelf contains 10 books and I recognize two authors I already like, then I’m bound to like what else is sitting beside the familiar ones.  I’ve discovered fantastic writers this way.

Third, these booksellers (Barnes & Noble does this too) have pamphlets of recommendations complete with a paragraph of endorsement from another bookseller in the country.  Again, these folks are good readers so scan for a topic that is of interest to you, note it, and go find it.  These pamphlets come out quarterly and include books for younger readers as well as placing titles in genres so you can go right to the topics that interest you most.

Fourth, haunt blogs and your library site.  I recently learned that there exist myriad blogs for avid readers.  In almost any category you can think of, there is a blog.  These have done the heavy-lifting for you: they’ve read, sorted, and recommended scores of books.  One gal just told me that she’d read one I recommended and it opened up a whole new world for her son who thought finding a book was like finding a needle in a haystack.  Google book blogs and let your journey begin.   Library sites also have lots of recommendations.  Search the site and you’ll find it.

Fifth, head to a used book store with your list.  I’m fortunate to live so near three richly-stocked used book stores.  With my lengthy list, I’m sure to find a $3 book in great condition.  Once done, I can either keep it on my shelf or return it for store credit.  If I want to buy it online, I always use Better World Books.  The shipping is free and for each book I buy (usually @ $4), they donate a book to a third-world country.  Win win.

Give this a try and let me know if you’ve found something wonderful.  After all, I’m always looking for a good book!!


2 thoughts on “How to find a book you’ll love

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