A pace I can absorb

When my daughter was a precocious 4 year old, she proudly announced one night: “I know all the letters of the alphabet except the ones I don’t know yet.”  That got a whooping laugh from her brothers and parents and she was more than a little confused.  We assured her that her comment was adorable and complimented her on her quick acquisition of her letters, but that stuck with us because it’s so obvious!  And cute.

I wonder how I would say that sentence, “I know all the….” but I can’t because we don’t have to get very old to realize how very little we DO know.  I could more easily say the second half: “… except the ones” and I’d add: “God hasn’t shown me yet.”

Yet, because He’s a God of kindness and forebearance, He keeps revealing little bits of Truth about Himself, showing me that even though I don’t know  much, I sure know this: He’ll keep revealing Himself at a pace I can absorb and in a language I can understand.  Most recently I’ve been amazed at how I can track His movements Chinese checkers-style to bring me to a place of contentment not previously enjoyed.  When I look at the sum so far, I know it could have easily overwhelmed me to take those steps all at one time.  But in his grace and understanding of how his daughter operates, He allowed me enough courage to take a step, then another, then another until I look back now and say, Wow!

And I must admit, I ask the same question that everyone asks: Am I loved?  In researching something recently, I came across this as the one basic question everyone asks and needs to know.  If you’re in the classroom, you see kids silently asking it all the time;  spouses ask it; friends ask it, so do your colleagues.  He knows it’s our most basic need.  Thankfully, God answers it continuously.    And he wants us to see it, feel it, believe it.  So, He’ll tell us.  For me, it’s through words.  I absorb and connect with them.  He sends them to me and surprises me with them.  I get it.

So recently, He’s answered my most basic question over and over with words and I look back and see how He’s been doing it all the time. No matter what goes on in my life, Jesus looks at me and says, “I’m crazy about you!” He just can’t stop loving us because it’s who He is and what He does.  So if there’s something I need to have revealed in my life, I can wait patiently because I know He’ll tell me at the right time.


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