My eagle story, pt. 2

(please read part 1 before reading this post)

In October of that year, my son (a third grader) was in the hospital with a nasty virus and during his stay, I was very calm, even though we didn’t know what was wrong for the first three days.  We had some beautiful prayer times and our pastor came and read a story that he said showed God’s nearness to us.  Well, the first morning home, I went out to our driveway to speak to someone who’d come to visit and there, in the field next to our house, were two eagles.  Now, mind you,  these are the only times in the year when I’m seeing eagles!  I was more convinced than ever that God was showing me His nearness and was reminded of Deuteronomy 4 where He says that if we look for Him with all our heart and soul, He will not abandon us.

Going back inside, the phone rang within minutes, providing the job I had prayed fervently for, including all the parameters that only hours ago had seemed impossible.  Months earlier I shrugged off any hope of seeing any signs or wonders and then He used all kinds of signs and wonders to show me His love.  He redeemed.  And while He was at it, He renewed my spirit.

A few years later, I was driving to a speaking engagement in which I’d be delivering four talks to women I’d never met, knowing little more than the city I was going to.  As I approached the ferry terminal, a huge eagle flew right next to my van, taking slow, even wing-beats as it kept pace with me, about 5 feet off the ground.  I knew exactly what He was telling me: “I’m right here and I know you need to see that right now.”

In the years since, I have seen other eagles at times when my eyes are too often on the problems in front of me.  I am reminded anew of His love for me and the need to nestle under His wings.  Numerous people have found tremendous comfort in these words and have been uplifted when they see an eagle, too.  But I ask, Why does He do this? I think I know:  It’s because it’s who He is and it’s what He does.  His daily message to us is of His unfailing love and presence.  We so often can feel alone and unloved but nothing could be further from the Truth.  He is our advocate, our encourager and so much more but some days I just focus on His wingspan and that there’s plenty of room under there for me.


1 thought on “My eagle story, pt. 2

  1. Beautiful! I loved hearing (reading) this story again!
    If you haven’t already, I hope you consider sending this one to the magazine – and tell them to keep their mits off your beautiful words!

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